Understand your customers needs
"Assumptions is the mother of all fuck ups"
- If you design based on assumptions, the risk of designing something that is not needed big.
Where to start? 
That's the first question you need to ask your self. Who are the users for your solution, when and where are they going to use it? Your customers don't always know what they need. 

If you asked people, before the car was developed, 
what they need, the answer might have ben: "A faster horse". 

Take a minute and listen to what lays between the lines. What they also are telling you is: "We want to get faster from A to B. You need to find out what your customers don't know they need. Let me take you through some of my favorites.

By observing your customers you may see many og their unproven actions. Therefore you get to know needs they aren't aware of. When observing your customers you need to be as invisible as possible - there by the testperson will act as close to normal as possible. 

The 5 why's
Ask d 

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