Josefine - a curious Industrial Designer!

Good design is where aesthetics and usability meet with a minimum use of resources

What about design drives Josefine?
Design allows me to investigate the world, its people, and their everyday lives. An investigation which leads me to the creation of beautiful objects and services, which forms valuable relationships between people, businesses and the world. Objects created from experiments with: shapes, experience, interactions, and functionality. I love to make people feel good - as a designer, college, friend, and family member. That's what drives me!

Let's Design to
...Improve people's lives and simplify their everyday life
...Create solutions that seduce humans through beautiful, useful and emotional experiences
...Create value for companies by improving all their possibilities
Design trainee at LÜBECH LIVING, Aalborg(DK). Design of furniture and exhibition stands. 

Jewelry maker at LOUISE KRAGH.DK, Aarhus(DK). Creation of hand made jewelry.

Industrial Designer with STUDIOAPART, Barcelona (ES). Designing a work table with people, experience and aesthetics in focus.

Freelance Designer for UP COMING COMPANY, Aalborg (DK). Brand and logo design.

Industrial Design Intern at the Danish Design Consultancy DESIGN CONCERN, Aarhus (DK). Working with various projects for multiple customers.

Freelance Designer at Dance Action. Creating a logo, flyers, and T-shirt design.

BSc + MSc in Industrial Design at Aalborg University. 

Full CV is to be found on my LinkedIn - Click here
Or ask me for a print freindly-version.
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