OOhhx - Lübech Living

Solar energy makes the difference


Lübech Living is a interior company who design and produce sustainable decor in simple designs. I had the pleasure to design the Alma pot, which is a part of the new ceramic collection in 2019.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to design the Alma style, which is a part of the OOhhx new ceramic collection.

...Sustainably produced using solar energy as well as water recycling...

BuyAlma HERE
They talk about it: Designbase, Formland, NU, 365 design, PEJ gruppen
My expertise 
Design research   //   Visualising design proposals   //   Concept development  //   Product development  //   3D modeling  // Prototyping   //    Technical drawings

Photo by Miljuu

Photos by Miljuu

Photo by Miljuu

Location: Designa aalborg

BuyAlma HERE

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