Service design

"I have low energy and a lot of pratical tasks"

When you lose a person you love, you are left behind with a feeling of being sad and have a low energy level. Besides, there are a lot of practical tasks needed to be performed. NemAfmeld makes it enables relatives to get an overview of the dead person's subscribers, hobbies, banks (and more) and cancel them through one platform. There by they save time, and energy and can focus on heal and move on.

My expertise
Design research   //  Framing   //   Concept development   //   Service development   //   Project management   //   Visualization 

Maya Maria Guldbæk, Janne Bjerregaard Thomsen, Simon Freundlich Jensen, Matilde Eilersen & me
Neutral and calm colors and shapes are used to keep make relatives feel calm and experiences having the overview.
Interview with specialists at Begravelse Danmark - getting insights about the scenario today.
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