Caboo - inspired by nature

Product design


During my internship at Design Concern, I worked on thins product.
The customers love home cuntry, was shown through her eyes. She wanted to produce home decor in Vietnam, and sell it on the scandinavian market. 
I saw a huge opportunity to make the two cultures meet in the product. the organic shapes with and worm colors from Vietnam, and the simple shape from scandinavian. Through the designprocess I experimented with shape, function and production principles. 
The result is bamboo vener, which is rolled like shells. It can be used in different ways for organizing smaller objects in our homes.

Timespan: 3 weeks​​​​​​​ 

My expertise 
Design research   //   Framing   //   Concept development  //   Product development  //   3D modeling  // Prototyping  //    Project management  //   Visualization

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