Invisa - A lifeline for victims of stalking

Product and service design

More than 100.000 Danish stalking victims life are impacted by repeated abuse, uncertain about when the next case of harassment will happen and how to handle it. A watch and ring allow victims to reach help unnoticeable in emergency situations which ensure help in time in a safe way. Together with an application, it makes them realize that they aren’t alone in their situation. It provides an easier way of collecting technical evidence and gives an overview of their opportunities for getting help.

A lifeline for victims of stalking, which provides them with more control of their everyday life.

Framing   //   Design research   //   Project management   //   Expert involvement   //   Concept development   //   Product development   //   Service development   //   Prototyping   //   Business development   //   Visualization   //   Cad modeling

Janne Bjerregaard Thomsen & Josefine Vestergaard Jørgensen
Makes victims take control of their life by feeling powerful by having a lifeline which other people can't recognize. 
The application creates a safe community where victims can bond and share stories - making them feel less alone. Making it easier to collect technical evidence, giving them an overview of their options and possibility to set up their device.

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