Office layout

For SinoScan with their employees and customers in focus

"We experience that the creative interior has a fantastic impact on the working environment, which has improved the motivation of the employees and strengthened the cooperation"
- Sino Scan
Creative environment, trust, engenering.

Showroom - Showing the possibilities.
Focused work - The employees need their own work space, here they can focus on their tasks.
Team work - Creative collaborations and transparent teamwork.
Meeting zones - 2 rooms, where they hav meet without getting disturbed.
Welcome zone - The first zone the customers meet.
"Recover zone" - Getting energy. This zone includes Cantine, games and relaxing.
Storrage - Of prototypes, papers and other stuff.
Testing zone - There the engineers can test their ideas through prototypes.

My expertise 
Design research   //   Framing   //   Concept development  //   Product development  //   3D modeling  // Prototyping  //    Project management  //   Visualization

Rune Gyntzel & Josefine Vestergaard Jørgensen

Welcome area. Here visitors can hate and explore the company's skills through projects they have made

The photo reduce noise in the office, and is a graphic illustration of an previous project.

A floating shelf showing components Scino Scan have constructed for previous costumers.

An poster showing what SinoScan offers.

We asked the company for quotes thes quotes to get the right ones that motivates them.

Specially designed partitions that provides privacy and collaboration in the area of focused work...

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